MealZac Microgreens Growing Soul-ution Kit (Deluxe) Indoor & Outdoor


MealZac Microgreenz Growing Soulition Kit (Deluxe) Indoor & Outdoor

This kit is a sustainable microgreen & garden solution. Comes with 1) Flat Microgreen tray and seed tray (no lid),  1 Lidded Large microgreen tray w/ Greenhouse lid, 1 Seedling  Starter Tray for house plants, fruits, and more! (can vary from picture),  2 Expanding Soil Pods, 1 Water/ Fungicide Spray Bottle ,  2 Free Wheat Grass and Or Microgreen Seeds (Radish, Spicy Greens,Broccoli Kale Etc). The lidded tray comes with a standard and smaller hole option for smaller seeds

Weight 1.15 oz
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