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MealZac is a creative food company that encourages people to feed their soul, through the mindful use of high-vibrational seasonings, extracts, and other food products.

What started out as the first mobilization of soul food dish flavors, has become a hub of inspiring food products, gadgets, and recipes all intended to feed your soul. 


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Our Philosophy

MealZac Lifestyle & Food Solutions is here to demystify the cooking process by creating solutions that truly feed your soul. We firmly believe that food should be flexible, nutritional and an exciting solution in itself to the environmental and social injustice.

Our team comes first. In order for us to deliver high-quality products to you, it is necessary that our workers feel heard and valued.

Packaging should go back to earth. We try to ensure that at least 50% of our orders are shipped using compostable mailers. We emphasize virtual content over printed, and also believe that our gadgets should bring you closer to nature, enabling you to nourish yourself locally.

Within our catering services, and recipe suggestions, we offer innovative ways to use parts of the animals/vegetables that tend to go to waste but are still flavorful and nutritional. We also see garnishes as something more than just disposable. Garnishes, like Microgreens can be nutritional, elaborate and a key ingredient in many dishes. From microgreens, to the remains of our ingredients, sustainability should always be a factor in cooking. Check out our Microgreenz Growing Solution Kits.
As a creative and progressive food company, we regularly engage with the underserved communities in NYC and across the country. From community gardens to nutrition & health workshops, giving back in the form of education and resources has been one of our pillars as a company.
We aren’t here to police ANYONE on how or what they should be eating . However, there are many amazing ingredients and meatless dishes that can be regularly overlooked. By taking heed to those ignored fruits, vegetables, beans and more, we can diversify our palate while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. Several of our products are vegan-friendly and compliment vegan fare beautifully. We value the endless options of nutrient-dense plant based eating.
“The Lavender Cupcakes and the Mac & Cheese and unforgettable. Tried it, and instantly became a fan. I have been using MealZac seasonings since“ 
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