Birria Tacos

Meat Marinade:

5 Cloves of garlic

3 Guadillio Peppers

1 Ancho Peppers

5 Cloves Garlic

2 Teaspoons MealZac Organic Sazon

1 Tablespoon MealZac Organic Adobo

1/4 Cup Vinegar

1 Whole tomato chopped (or canned crushed)


1.5 Lbs Lamb (roast/shoulder or chops), Beef Short ribs, or Goat meat

4 Cups Beef Broth (plus a little more) (can also use chicken stock or water & salt)

2 Onions, chopped (one for topping)

1/2 Tsp MealZac Candied Yams blend (cinnamon/nutty flavor)

Bunch Of Cilantro



  1. Clean, and cut your meat into large chunks. Set aside.
  2. Add peppers to boiling water or hot oil for a 2-3 minutes. (softens & brings out flavor)
  3. Cut the stems off the peppers and remove seeds.
  4. Add all marinade ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth Add a little water if needed.
  5. Pour marinade over meat and allow to marinate for 1 day if possible (optional)
  6. Dice 1 onion and sautee in a few tablespoons of oil. (I use Annato/Achiote oil). Add Meat, marinade, and a handful of cilantro (ALOT of cilantro and herbs to taste)
  7. Add your beef/chicken stock and cover. Allow cooling for at least 2 hours over a medium-low heat checking every 30 minutes.
  8. After about 2 hours. Remove the lamb chunks and shred with two forks. If cool enough, use gloves and your hands to shred the meat.
  9. You can stop here if you’d like, but the longer you cook, the more tender it will be!
  10. Remove most of the broth/consume and set aside. Add your shredded meat back into the pot with a little bit of the broth and allow to cook for another hour.
  11. Dip tortillas in the first layer of red oil that sits above the soup. You can also lightly brush them with the oil. Fry on a skillet until the tortilla is slightly crispy and the liquid has been removed (about 2-3 minutes per side). Add meat , cheese and fold. Allow to cook for another minute to get a melty cheese QuesoBirria Taco

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